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Alonnah to Oyster Cove (14 nautical miles)

posted Feb 8, 2013, 11:58 PM by Richard Forster
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With a refreshing sleep and new crew, the rowers headed off first, keen to beat the forecast northerlies with a quick crossing over to the protective landmass of Gordon.
An easy crossing riding the waves and currents and running with the wind was a cause for celebration until Northerlies again tested the indefatiguable crew. Good skippering brought the Skiff team to Birchs Bay for a lunchbreak and swim before pushing on to Oyster Cove. Conditions off Flowerpot, Kettering and Little Oyster Cove were turbulent and the rowers put backs (and legs, arms, stomachs, minds and stamina) “into it” to arrive at the rear of the fleet and be welcomed by the tranquil safety of Oyster Cove – 7 hours of rowing later!

Sailors were all celebrating after testing their skills and enjoying the sailing challenges and conditions.